Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Academic

Powerful Microsoft suite that is tailored for students and educators

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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Academic
Microsoft Office 2010 2014

Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 is a version of the amazingly popular and trusted productivity suite from Microsoft, and it was designed specifically to handle the needs of college and university students without breaking their budgets.

In many cases, the student versions of popular software suites are stripped of their higher-level functions or utilities, but that is not the case for Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010. The full set of apps in the professional version of Microsoft Office 2010 is included in this academic version, and that includes PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, InfoPath, Access, Publisher, SharePoint, and Communicator. When used together, these apps provide tools to make every aspect of the academic experience easier and more intuitive.

The user interface for this version of Office is quite simple, and it seems to have adopted a nearly minimalist approach to design. The dreaded Ribbon interface from earlier versions of Microsoft Office is still included in the interface, but it has been streamlined and reorganized to function as it was meant to in the first place. The Office button that was at the heart of the Ribbon interface has been completely changed to allow access to completely different options, including instant access to the most common tasks related to document production and maintenance. It also details the document that is currently open.

This version of Office for students basically has the exact same functionality and features that are available in the standard professional version, but without the professional price. Word, which is possibly the most used app in the suite by college students, has been improved tremendously in terms of the context menu. It actually shows potential changes in real time as the user browses through the different contextual options. Videos now work within PowerPoint presentations, which is something that has been demanded by customers for years. Mini-color charts can now be added to spreadsheets in Excel, and redundant emails can easily be removed from Outlook. Tools were also added to the suite to take screenshots, translate text, and use special effects with document images.

Unlike older versions of Office, this version is fast and easy on the hardware. That's because the suite has been redesigned with a sleek and optimized underlying code structure that is much more focused on performance. These apps now use very little system resources, and it is easily possible to run many of them side by side.

There are few productivity suites with the same functionality and intuitive nature as Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010. The new features make the software much easier to use, and it is one of the best ways to handle the daily workload associated with most college programs. Students would be wise to take advantage of such comprehensive and affordable software.

  • Improved Utility & Performance
  • Integrated Image Editing Tools
  • Superb New Outlook App
  • Optimized Ribbon Interface
  • Video Support in PowerPoint
  • Mini-Chart Support in Excel
  • No Trial Version

Microsoft Office Professional Academic enables education professionals to get work done. Namely, it includes many collaboration and productivity features to make work easier. As part of the suite, users get full access to the 2010 Microsoft Office suite for most products. These include Excel, Word, Access, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher. The software supports most languages including English, German, Spanish, and many others. As opposed to the regular Office Suite, this one has a tailored array of programs that aim to help academic professionals.

Word and PowerPoint Presentations

When looking to produce a professional academic paper, professional document editing software like Word is essential. The software automatically detects spelling errors, grammar errors, and includes a library of many different fonts. Additionally, users are free to make changes to layouts and other elements of each document. Headers and footers can each be modified independently and page numbers can be included. For extra professionalism, PowerPoint enables users to make presentations with professional slideshows. This program can be used to design professional slide shows for in-class lectures to provide an extra level of engagement through this visual medium.

Advanced Databases

The Microsoft Office Professional Academic also includes many programs to make working with data easier. Microsoft Excel is useful for developing custom databases with metadata attached to include notes, colors, graphics, charts, and other advanced elements. For large databases, Microsoft Access can be used to work quickly with massive databases. Rather than having to work with advanced programming languages, users can simply use this program to make quick changes. This can streamline working with databases and make using computers this way more accessible to non-technical users. In addition, these programs have been widely adopted and, thus, finalized data is easy to share with others.

Everything for Educational Productivity

Educational professionals today need moderate functionality that exceeds just Word and Excel while still not having to buy programs they don't need. With this suite, users can save money on the full edition while still having a rich array of programs available at their disposal. In today's technologically-driven world, these features can truly make it easier for academic professionals to keep up with the latest advancements. Even today's students will generally have Microsoft software that is compatible with this productivity suite.

Includes Outlook

Unlike other versions of Microsoft Office software, this one includes Microsoft Outlook to make working with email easier. Rather than needing to login to a web-based application each time, users can simply open outlook to check their email in one place. When a new message comes in, users can be automatically notified with a popup message that comes up. This can streamline checking email and reduce the chances of forgetting to check it.


  • Includes Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, and OneNote
  • Everything education professionals need in today's classroom.
  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.


  • Does not include some more niche Microsoft Office programs.
  • An older version might not be appropriate for some.

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